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Work at festivals during the Summer

Last updated: 30 May 2012

Update – lots of the companies/groups are reporting being full on their big events (such as DCSS) so make sure you apply ASAP.

Found any new companies? Please leave them in a comment.

I thought it might be useful to some people to have a concise list of where you can go to work at the festivals this Summer. Hopefully below will act as a starting point to what might be the best moments for you this Summer!

To all those who missed out on Glastonbury this year, unfortunately there’s no 2012 festival due to toilets and police heading over to the Olympics, but why not have a look at other festivals like Bestival?!

Most of these will require a deposit of about £200.00, and also will need you to be over 18 with the right to work in the UK.

Paid work

DC Site Services
Stewarding at pay rate between £4.50 – £6.00. Shifts can be between 8 hours, or more usually 12 hours. They’re also responsible for fire towers, and as you don’t get that much choice in what you do, you should be happy to stand on top of a tower in the rain for a number of hours! I should point out, you do get to switch with others every hour or so (or whatever you decide).

Green Stewards
Mostly paid, though some unpaid positions. I really enjoyed working for them as they’re one of the more relaxed and smaller companies, and they do some great festivals including Secret Garden Party.

Citrus Event Staffing
They do a range of events such as Bestival bar staff. See if there’s any positions you might be interested in here.

Big Choice Group
They’ve still got places open for festivals this Summer, including Isle of Wight, V Festival (though I have heard this one can be a bit rough….) and Radio 1′s Big Weekend. All applications are closed for 2011, though keep your eye out for future years.

Oasis Carnival
Now full for 2011, though look out here in future years.

Stuart Leisure Security
A security company that security and stewarding work at a range of the big festivals.

Cash and Traffic Management
They, surprisingly, do both cash (security) and traffic (steward) management.

Voluntary places

Easily the biggest voluntary festival recruiter, it’s usually lots of fun and you get a free ticket and free food out of it!

Hotbox Events
They do Reading, Leeds and Latitude, all voluntary.

A huge range of festivals, with loads still open for applications. Some of the best include Creamfields, Download and Oxegen. Just £25 deposit to leave as well for their pretty large variety of positions available! I’m afraid that after my experience this year (which I have since heard many too have had), I would strongly recommend against working for Festaff. I will be writing a blog post about this in the near future, though as many others have too said, I would never work for this company again.

Workers Beer Company
One of the biggest employers for bar staff, raising funds for Labour and other charities. They donate £6.50 of every hour to the group you’re representing. You do need to be a member of a trade body which they accept, however.

Actionaid UK
Another charity where your purpose is to spread the word about their cause.

Festive Lizards
Traffic management at Glasto.

Shelter UK
Volunteer for this charity at Glasto.

Environmental Justice Foundation
Another Glasto only one here, apply early when it’s next on!

Seed Staff *
They do some of the ones like Beach Break Live, and you can also get experience in roles like working backstage or as a runner. A few jobs are paid as well, at £6.50 an hour.
(*Referral link for a friend, click here for a non-referral link)

Festival Volunteer
Only a few smaller festivals like Rockness and Glade available, but still work a look. Just two 6-9 hour shifts and a free ticket plus a free meal and 2 free drinks with every shift! Not bad, you could say…

Quite a lot of volunteering positions are posted through V Inspired, so keep your eyes open here.

Good luck with any applications, and keep in touch with how you get on!

Also, please let me know if you’ve seen any I’ve missed off.